Original products & Compositions

A selection of floral arrangements and accessories available in our showroom. 
Designed for a Slow Green lifestyle, all items are produced with care and dedication, in limited quantities.
Every single one of them is a unique and original piece that will accompany you in supporting a sustainable life in harmony with nature.

Slow Vase

Imari-Nabeshima Porcelain Vase (White/Black).
Size | S: ø21cm M: ø33cm
Shuji Hataishi of HATAMAN TOEN Ltd.

Slow Ring

Handmade Copper Ring (Copper/Brass).
Size | ø25mm, ø38mm, ø55mm / 1 set.

Slow Flower Bouquet

Organic flower bouquets; composed drawing inspiration from nature to convey freshness.

Organic Herb Garden & Bouquet

Selection of organic aromatic herbs to dedicate to yourself and your loved ones to share happiness.