"MARBELOUS FALL - The Dance of the Seasons"
Event | Exhibition | Milan, Italy | 2 - 27 November 2021

“Marbelous Fall – The Dance of the Seasons” is the first appointment of an exclusive art event, a project born from the collaboration between Marsotto and Green Wise that foresees a double exhibition, staging at the respective showrooms during two different seasons: autumn and spring.

The project connects the eternal magnificence of marble with the enchanting transience of nature, through a series of composite sculptures praising harmony and the rigour of form. Marsotto’s products make room for the Green Wise’s dioramas, in a tribute to autumn that add some seasonal colors to the Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquina marbles. 

Marbelous Fall expresses what clearly unites the two companies that produce art objects starting from an antithetical raw material: on the one hand, minerals, which keep memory of time in sedimentary layering; on the other hand, the vegetable kingdom, getting along with the impermanent essence of beauty, condemned to fade and yet able to renew itself every season.

Photo | Valentina Casalini