Green Specialists since 1905

Green Wise was founded in Japan in 1905 and, over the course of one hundred years of activity, it has grown to be recognised as a leading company in the green sector.
In 2019 it inaugurated its first headquarters abroad, a showroom and design studio situated in the heart of the Brera district in Milan: here we propose new sustainable designs in line with Slow Green’s notion, a movement that aims to restore the diversity of the natural world together with a lifestyle that is in harmony with it.

Slow Green

Slow Green is a movement that celebrates the beauty of nature in its purest form and promotes the use of flowers and plants cultivated in conditions similar to their natural environments, generally proposing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Most of the plants that we see today have been grown in greenhouses with the use of chemical products and come from distant countries; whereas flowers grown under the sun, according to the rhythms of nature and without relying on chemical pesticides and fertilisers, show us the most authentic aspects of nature as well as the different expressions of the four seasons.
Furthermore, the seeds and pollen of plants growing in a natural habitat are carried by the wind, birds and other creatures, increasing the biodiversity and enriching the local ecosystem as well as human society.
Slow Green means appreciating the form of nature as it is, finding preciousness and beauty in the grass, buds, flowers and fruits together with the way in which they wither.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Our goal is to achieve a sustainable future, contributing to curb global warming and helping to preserve biodiversity through the use of knowledge, technology and specialist skills acquired in over one hundred years of experience in the field. We also aim to expand the network of manufacturers, companies, organisations and end-users who share our ideas by offering products and services in line with the Slow Green philosophy.