Flowers petals swaying as they find themselves in the path of the wind.

The scent of each group of flowers is woven into a layer of scent spreading around me.
As my face enters the layer of fragrance, my nostrils are filled with an intriguing, sweet aroma.

At the same time, the low humming of birds reaches my ears.
I see a bee restlessly going back and forth between the flowers.

As I look into the flower where the bee was just at,
a small insect was watching me from behind the stamen, as if it were holding its breath.

The sunlight shines through each fresh leaf in front of me, illuminating even the backside.

When I touched the tips of the leaf, a soft yet frigid suppleness graced my fingertips. 
As I envelop those leaves with my hands, a frosty sensation covered my palms. 
I let go and they begin to sway in the wind as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, cherry blossoms fall from overhead.
I look up and see little birds competing with each other on the tips of the branches, thrusting their beaks into the flowers.

The sky showing through the cherry blossom branches had turned hazy before I knew it.

Spiraea thunbergii, Thymus serpyllum, Stipa tenuissima ‘Pony Tails’

Foto | Noboru Murata