06.02.2021 | News

HUG&KISS ― A Valentine's Day dedicated to you, your loved ones and nature

To celebrate love in all its expressions, including respect for the environment, at Valentine’s Day Green Wise proposes sustainable compositions that enhance the flowers and plants that nature offers us in the current season.

Devoting flowers and plants not subjected to any chemical treatment, grown with the sole force of nature, to yourself and to those you love means them dedicating a lifestyle. 
A sustainable life, in which we appreciate the shape of nature as it is.

Flower Tote Bag

Just like when you hug your loved ones, hold the beauty and scent of nature in your arms.
Our Flower Tote allows you to carry beautiful flowers and plants from one place to another, holding them in your hand or on your shoulder. 



01.12.2020 | News

Slow Green Christmas ― Spreading love and kindness

This year, which has been a tough year, let’s make Christmas a more loving and warm holiday for both people and nature, dedicating the beauty and scent of a plant that is sustainable, local and cultivated without the use of pesticides to the most important people in our lives.

By choosing one of our Christmas tree proposals, you can help reduce the number of trees that are cut down during the Christmas period and then thrown away as waste.

07.10.2020 | News

The Kukido concept was awarded in the “Awareness improvement for individual and public” category of the Good Design Award 2020!

The Good Design Award is a Japanese comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system.
Many companies and designers from both inside and outside of Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design.

The judging committee has positively evaluated our design approach because it is a methodology that makes flowers and nature feel beautiful as they are, rather than controlling nature to create artificial beauty. It makes one think about what beauty is.

Kukido, in fact, is a design approach to create a symbiotic relationship with nature by broadening people’s sense of values for flowers and deepening their understanding of nature that surrounds us. Through creative activities of making the flowers stand upright just like in their natural form, you will notice the uniqueness of naturally grown flowers and discover the charm that nature creates.

10.03.2020 | News

We have installed Seasonal Planter Gardens inside our showroom and in the courtyard of the building in via Palermo that hosts it. The concept is that of “a city oasis where you can experience the four seasons”, a small space to reconnect with nature and relax while working and walking. For both the indoor and outdoor spaces, plants that express the current seasonality have been combined with pots by Atelier Vierkant, a Belgian manufacturer carefully handcrafted of clay vases.

Location | Green Wise Showroom

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