28.01.2021 | Press

Donna Moderna

An introductive article to the art of Kukido, shared through an interview with the ideator Yuichi Tamaru, was published in Donna Moderna magazine.

18.01.2021 | Press

Forbes JAPAN

Forbes Japan published an article about the activity and efforts of Green Wise Italy.
“A lifestyle that respects the environment and is close to plants: the challenge of Green Wise from Tokyo to Italy.”

09.01.2021 | Press

Corriere della Sera Io Donna N°02

Corriere della Sera’s iO Donna magazine presented our Kukido compositions on the “Inspirations of the week” page.

20.02.2020 | Press

Elle Decor China N°188

Our original Spiral Up flower arrangement was featured in Elle Decoration China magazine N°188.

05.06.2019 | Press

Corriere della Sera Living N°06

Our company, the owner Yuichi Tamaru and the thought behind the Slow Green slogan that distinguishes all our business were presented in Living magazine N°06 of Corriere della Sera.