MDW 2021
"HAKONIWA - You little garden of well-being"
Event | Exhibition | Milan, Italy | 2021

Photo | Elisa Biagi

Hakoniwa is a Japanese term meaning “garden in a box”, and it refers to a traditional Nipponese object: a botanical diorama made of soil, stones and miniature plants. A landscape in a capsule that is always at hand. A pearl of green which, by substitution, fulfils the function of the Zen Garden, a place of intimate and spiritual recollection.

The idea – and the title – of the immersive installation that Green Wise Italy will present during Milan Design Week 2021 bases itself on this concept executed on a larger scale.

From 4 to 10 September, the showroom in Via Palermo 5 will transform into a Hakoniwa, covered in gravel paths and islands of green. A sensorial installation, an immersive experience involving sight, smell and touch; an invitation to rediscover the value of nature, floating among colours and scents; a new proposal for visitors, who will have the chance to appreciate various compositions of plants, trees and shrubs to imagine what they would like to see at home, in the office, in public spaces.

Your little garden of well-being
A Slow Green Experience

Milan Design Week
4 – 10 September 2021
10:00 – 19:00

Green Wise Italy Showroom
Via Palermo 5, 20121, Milan