Slow Green Christmas ― Spreading love and kindness
Event | Interior | Milan, Italy | 2020

For Christmas 2020, we reproduced a small forest consisting of different types of plants in our showroom.
All of them can become a Christmas tree, bringing in the homes of the people to whom they are dedicated to the beauty and scent of a sustainable and local plant, cultivated without the use of pesticides.
We designed each of these solutions to help reduce the number of trees that are felled every year during the Christmas period and then thrown away as waste.

Message Tree
The main component of our window display is an oak, which in ancient times was considered the tree of life and is said to be at the root of the Christmas tree tradition. We decorated it with messages of good wishes and hope, which we collect here in the showroom and through our social media channels. Your thoughts will also accompany all the gifts purchased in our showroom, to spread positivity and love to the entire city.

Potted Tree
Small Christmas trees in pots.
Once the holidays are over, we will collect and replant them in the nurseries from which they come.

Tree made of small branches
Built from many twigs of conifers, they adapt to even the smallest spaces and do not need water or special care.

Natural Decorations
Natural Christmas tree decorations and wreaths, made using fresh conifer twigs,  fruits, berries and carefully dried flowers. We can customize them to suit any environment and bring the atmosphere and magic of the holidays into everyone’s homes, with the expressions and colours of the winter season.

Photo | Alice Massone