Rooftop Garden
Exterior | Tokyo, Japan | 2016

On the basis of our Slow Green philosophy, we completed a model garden on the rooftop of our headquarters in Tokyo during the fall of 2016. Built on a concrete-floored roof, this urban garden features a selection of perennial flowers and native trees that transform its expression throughout the seasons.
In this garden, we monitor the growth of plants through time-lapsed observation and collect numerical data on a wide range of environmental factors including rainfall, surface temperature, underground temperature, humidity, wind speed and drainage flow rate. We work to discover the optimal conditions and management methods for plant growth. Familiarising ourselves with the ecosystem, which comprises a variety of lifeform such as insects, birds and other plants that live in proximity to the garden, we can examine the intrinsic nature of a green space in terms of the relation between living beings and plant life. 
By using the variety of information, techniques and knowledge acquired from the rooftop garden, we at Green Wise propose to identify management methods of green spaces that can contribute to help curb global warming and conserve biodiversity.


On 11th January 2018, the rooftop garden at Green Wise headquarters became the first landscape project in Japan to be certified by the US-based SITES® rating system, receiving a SITES® Gold certification.