- Your little garden of wellbeing -
Interior & Exterior | Milan, Italy | 2021

Living in the city, we all unconsciously suffer the stress of being surrounded by cold and aseptic spaces.
And especially in the last year in which it has been harder to find moments to escape from these places, we have realized how important contact with nature is.
But in the often limited spaces that we live in, it is tricky to introduce a change of scenery.
To add to these environments that we experience in everyday life the comfort one feels in living close to nature, that feeling of lightness in the heart, Green Wise proposes a new small solution of green space.
cutout of the natural landscape that can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
We create different combinations of plants and vases, carefully selecting every element to fit the environment’s and the person’s needs.
Contemplating the magic of the changing seasons. Taking care of the plants and observing their growth, the different expressions over time. Touching the plants and relaxing, relieving the tense heart from the day-to-day worries.
A little Hakoniwa garden could thus enrich your life with renewed well-being.

Photo | Elisa Biagi