Indoor Forest @ Casa degli Artisti
Set-Up | Interior | Milan, Italy | 2021

For Avrei Brio, a solo exhibition by the artist Sergio Breviario, Green Wise has set up the entrance space of Casa degli Artisti by recreating a patch of a forest indoors.
A portion of the natural landscape was transported to the first exhibition room. Islands of soil inhabited by a combination of fresh trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants invite the visitor to forget the city’s cold and aseptic spaces and the stresses of everyday life, creating a sense of tranquillity and immersion.
The unfamiliar environment of a forest located inside a building, and the comfort, the well-being that contact with nature brings guide guests in a journey into the floating and evocative world of the artist.

Photo | Elisa Biagi

Green Wise worked both on the design and the construction and maintenance of this forest.
The beauty of nature was celebrated not only with the aesthetic reproduction of its shape but also through using sustainable materials. Indeed, the wooden frame and the soil used for the installation will take on new life in future projects. While all the plants, kindly granted by Cappellini Giardinieri, will be brought back to the nursery at the end of the exposure period.