What we do

Respecting plants grown by the sole force of nature, making environmentally friendly choices and living with nature; these are principles that can be accepted by each of us in our relationship with nature, the community and society, for a better and more respectful lifestyle towards the environment. Green Wise offers total design services for ethical and sustainable events and green spaces that reflect the Slow Green philosophy.


Setting up displays of sustainable and seasonal flowers and plants for events, exhibitions, showrooms, and shops. Installation of plants for photo shoots.


Event floral decor with a minimal environmental footprint. We source locally and preserve plant roots, minimizing cut flowers. After events, we donate, repurpose, or replant, keeping beauty in a sustainable cycle.


Selection of plants accompanied by vases and planters to match the space. We carry out periodic maintenance and replacements as a service available for offices and shops.


Compositions and bouquets of natural flowers, custom made for you and your loved ones.


Design, construction and maintenance of gardens, terraces, green walls and rooftop gardens. Complete coordination of elements, including custom-made planters, eco-friendly materials and furnishings as well as lighting.


Organisation of workshops in which seasonal and sustainable flower arrangements are created.

How we work

Our services accompany the project’s process in all of its phases, including the post-sale stage, covering planning, designing, production as well as maintenance of greenery. Examining your requests and the conditions of the project’s site, we will work together with you in the elaboration of the concept and final image.

STEP 01 | Preparation

・ Evaluation of the client’s requests

・ Context research and analysis

・ Project budget proposal

STEP 02 | Design

・ Elaboration of the concept and preliminary project
   including cost estimation

・ Final project and drawings with a complete estimate of costs

STEP 03 | Construction

・ Management and organisation of work

STEP 04 | Follow-up

・ Plant maintenance

Periodic replacement of materials

・ Organisation of events

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Noi e alcuni partner selezionati utilizziamo cookie o tecnologie simili come specificato nella cookie policy.